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Gold price today is more than three times higher than gold prices only ten years ago

 With gold prices today showing renewed levels of stability on the open market, and with doubts affecting the volatility of nearly every other asset class, it is no surprise that many individuals are increasingly looking upon the precious metal as the reliable wealth store that it has been for centuries.

If you search the web for valuation charts, then it will not take you long to learn that the price of gold presents savers with an attractive investment at the present time. Gold price today is more than three times higher than gold prices only ten years ago: that increase beats both inflation and interest rates on cash savings. The second thing that you will notice is that the precious metal has readjusted its value after the panic buying that followed the 2008 financial crisis. This provides every investor with a fantastic window of opportunity, where a gold order today will actually cost you less than the same investment made this time last year.

The True Value of Gold Today

From real estate to shares in tech giants, trading on the open markets can impact the value of held assets at an increasingly rapid rate these days. This may be an attractive situation for speculators, but for savers, it can prove disastrous. Many Americans planning for their retirement are now choosing a gold IRA investment, as the underlying asset and the price of gold are seen as resilient in difficult financial times.

Gold Price Today

The reasons for putting your money into one of the many gold IRAs on the market are fairly straightforward and will be a welcome dose of common sense to people familiar with the intricacies of savings and investments. A gold IRA is a retirement arrangement which stores the investor’s money in actual, physical gold. As gold prices move, so too does the underlying value of the gold IRA investment, meaning that savers can not only shore up their earnings against inflation, but actually make money, too.

With the precious metals markets offering such favourable conditions at the present time, there are numerous products and services that allow investors of any range and level of expertise to secure their finances with a gold-backed account.

For those planning ahead, gold IRAs are perhaps the smartest option. They allow an annual $5,000 deposit to go into a gold-backed account, with the investment providing a tax incentive as no charges are incurred. As interest rates remain fixed at a low rate to aid the wider recovery, you will be making money on your deposits based on the gold price today, as opposed to bank interest payments.

If you already hold an individual retirement arrangement then it is a simple process to complete a gold IRA rollover and begin to enjoy the benefits of an investment in precious metals almost immediately. A gold IRA rollover simply allows you to convert your existing account into a gold-backed investment without incurring any of the usual taxes or charges.


With the precious metals market offering a rare opportunity for investors to enter the gold markets at an attractive price, there has never been a better time to place your money in the world’s most consistently relied upon stores of wealth with your own gold IRA.