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On March 30, 2014
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American investors have placed their trust in Rosland, and, no doubt, will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


Rosland Capital Review


Rosland Capital are one of the top names when it comes to client care and service in the precious metals markets. With both experience and expertise to their name, Rosland Capital are an agency that is competing for clients in an increasingly competitive industry. But what are the reasons for investing in Rosland Capital’s products?

Today’s American saver may not find the competitive interest rates on their earnings that previous generations were able to rely upon. Instead, a modern retirement plan will often involve some level of investment in commodities, shares and bonds. This is both a reflection of necessity, but also of the growing financial literacy of the average American: rather than sitting on an accrued fortune, people want to see their money work for them in their later years. This is why more and more people are investigating the potential returns that a gold backed individual retirement account can bring.

Rosland Capital is a name synonymous with the precious metals marketplace. In a competitive industry such as commodities investment and gold-backed pensions and retirement accounts, Rosland has a solid reputation, but is not amongst the top flight of agencies at present. It enjoys an A rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, and with only a cursory glance over some client feedback, it is obvious where the firm has lost some of its potential credit.

The good news for Gold IRA customers is that Rosland Capital has suffered no ill feedback in relation to its conduct as an account management agency. Rather, the few shortcomings in the firm’s customer care appear to emerge within its sales of physical gold: when acting as a broker for one-off purchases and shipments of bullion and coins. Primarily, the concerns tend towards claims made by the company that it is able to match any of its competitors prices. This is a bold claim for the precious metals market, which can be hit by periodic volatility. Clearly, this is more of a marketing and promotional error than a serious case of poor practise.



American investors have placed their trust in Rosland, and, no doubt, will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
Jonathan Durban

Jonathan Durban

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